The Scoop on Soma – 9/12

August 12, 2015
Good Morning, All!

Let’s Go!
We now have enough charter members to make our SoMa Rotary club official! Now its time to really get out there and start making a difference in our community. There are a lot of great opportunities coming up to help support the causes we care about.

Come On Out!
Thursday night, August 13th, we meet at Mission Rock Resort, 817 Terry A Francois Blvd.   Fellowship starts at 6:00 pm with the meeting coming to order at 6:30 pm. All prospective and charter members are invited.

Dictionaries for Third Graders 
We have raised $1,638; we want to raise at least $462 more to cover Third graders attending local schools.  Please let Nine know if you can help.  The MacMillan picture dictionaries are $10.50 each.  We will have a plating and sorting party.  Then we will visit the schools to teach the third graders how to use the dictionaries.  These dictionaries make an incredible impact in the children’s lives as it is often times the only book they may have.

Serving the Community: SoMa Rotary Builds Bikes
The SoMa Rotary Bike Build and Giveaway project kicked off last month.  In partnership with the Lion’s Club and SFPD, we are headed towards making a difference in about 60 veteran’s lives. Martin Fichter, Nine LaDow and Roark O’Neill are heading up this year’s Bike Build. The goal is to give out 100 repaired bikes to veterans December 5.

Plan on coming out and helping us make a difference in the lives of 100 veterans who all have made a difference in our lives. We will be working on bikes on many Saturdays between now and the Giveaway on December 5. Please reach out and let us know when you will be able to join us and help.

We are still currently looking for storage space for the bikes. Please send your ideas to Nine LaDow.

See photos from last year’s Bike Build and Giveaway on Facebook and Meetup.

Come Out, and Get Your Run On!
SoMa is gathering a team for the Rotary Club of San Francisco’s Backpack Dash on Sunday, August 16th. The 5k/10k run is for all ages.  Club #2 is partnering with the Salvation Army to donate proceeds go to supplying backpacks and school supplies to San Francisco students. Reach out to me (Leslie) if you are interested in running with the club team. 

Nepal Earthquake Relief
Join SF Evening Rotary Friday, August 28th at 8:00pm for a night of live and DJ music, food and fun. Money is being raised to build shelters and schools in Nepal. The event is at 406 Clement St. Please visit the Facebook page or reach out to Billy Stafford for more information.

SoMa Rotary Events

  •  SoMa Rotary Service, August 27th at 4pm: Pack food at the San Francisco-Marin Food Bank at 900 Pennsylvania Ave. in San Francisco.  The Food Bank distributes the packages to food pantries, children’s snack programs, and soup kitchens throughout San Francisco and Marin. Please come out and join us.
  • SoMa Rotary Bike Build for Veterans, monthly Saturday (TBA),  at the Bayview Police Department: Clean and build bikes  for veterans of the Armed Forces living in San Francisco.
  • SoMa Rotary Gardening Day at Rotary Meadows, Saturday, August 1, 2015 at 9:00am at Mount Sutro
  • Tour of new SFPD Building and meeting with Chief Suhr,  Thursday, August 20, 2015 at 6:00pm. Nine must be informed by all charter members who would like to attend for security clearance purposes.
  • Nepal Earthquake Relief, Friday, August 28th at 8:00pm, 406 Clement St. Ticketsshould be purchased in advanced, early bird is $25 until August 20th.
  • Rotary Day at the United Nations, November 2015 at the United Nations in New York City
  • District 5150 World Peace Concert, November 2015, Herbst Theater, San Francisco
  • SoMa Rotary Bike Giveaway, December 2015, San Francisco
  • District 5150 World Peace Conference, April/May 2016, at the Hotel Kabuki, San Francisco

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Get connected, stay connected.

Thank you all for being a part of SoMa Rotary. See you soon.

Leslie Briggs
President, 2015-2016

Quote of the Week
“Somewhere there’s a score being kept, so you have an obligation to live life as well as you can, be as engaged as you can.” – Billy Murray